Join Us in Writing History

Tysons Corner’s First Torah Completion & Dedication

Celebrating Jewish Life in the Surrounding Jewish Communities


Sunday, November 13, 2005
at the Tysons Westpark Hotel


Torah Completion Ceremony
Handwriting of the final lines by Scribe
at the Tysons Westpark Hotel
8401 Westpark Drive, McLean, Virginia

CHS Performance

Grand Procession

Torah Dedication & Reception to follow
Hakafot, Dancing, Live Music & Viennese sweet table.


The Torah is the most precious article in Jewish life.  In times of need, prayers are offered in its presence.  It is perfectly intact just as we received it some 3,300 years ago.

In accordance with tradition, the first presentation was shown to Moshe by G‑d “Written in black fire over white fire.”  Moshe transcribed from that Torah of fire while G‑d dictated the words.  This very Torah was placed in the Holy Ark and twelve additional Torah Scrolls were gifted to each of the tribes.

From these original scrolls, additional Torahs were transcribed in precise detail.  Even the letters were identical in appearance.  Indeed each and every feature was prescribed by G‑d.  Thus the chain of Torah remained unbroken from the time it was given to us at Sinai.

Despite years of upheaval and nightmarish suffering, not one of the Torah’s 304,805 letters has ever been changed.  The words we read in synagogue today are exactly those recorded by Moses.

Our Sages have taught that each and every Jew has a letter in the Torah which corresponds to his or her soul and spiritual identity.  If one letter is missing, the Torah is incomplete and no longer valid.  Similarly, each and every Jew constitutes an integral and irreplaceable part of K’lal Yisroel, the Jewish people.

The very last mitzvah in the Torah is to write a Torah Scroll.  By endowing a word, sentence or portion for yourself, your family or friends, it is as if you have written your own Torah Scroll.

For the first time in Tysons' Corner, a scribe, pious and skilled in his field, will handwrite the letters of the Torah’s final verse.  The Chabad Jewish Center’s new scroll will be the latest link in a holy and eternal chain.

Indeed it is an honor and a great mitzvah for each individual to become a partner in our Sefer Torah.  The celebration of the Torah is every Jewish person’s celebration.

The Torah has united and sustained us for generations.  Now it is time to show our appreciation and joy.

Please join together with fellow Jews in writing history by completing and returning the enclosed form and by participating in the festive celebration on November 13th.

May the merit of the Torah continue to unite and sustain us. Amen.


I would like to participate in the Chabad Jewish Center Sefer Torah.  Please reserve the following dedications:


Crown - $5000

The beautiful sterling silver crown with your family name engraved will be prominently displayed above the Torah.

Breastplate - $3600

The beautiful sterling silver breastplate with your family name engraved will be prominently displayed on the Torah.

Yad - $1000

The pointer will be engraved with your family name.


Sefer - $1800

Endow one complete book of the Five Books of the Torah.

Weekly Torah Portion - $360

Endow a Torah portion for yourself, your family or friend by choosing a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding or yahrzeit anniversary Torah portion.

Chapter - $180

Endow a chapter of the Torah for yourself, your family or a friend.

Torah Verse - $72

Endow a personal Torah verse for yourself, your family or a friend.

Word - $54

Endow a word of the Torah for yourself, your family or a friend.

Letter - $18

Endow a letter that is uniquely yours.

Rabbi Levi Deitsch is available to discuss the spiritual significance of the various dedication opportunities.

Donations of $360 and higher will include joining the Scribe in completing the final letters of the Torah.

Donations of $1800 and higher will receive a plaque in appreciation of their gift.

To donate or RSVP for the event (no charge), please call 703-356-3451 or e-mail [email protected]

Click here to view the sponsorship form which you may mail to the Chabad Jewish Center.